Cycle Shepway is a charity, a group of campaigners intent on fixing the cycle infrastructure of Folkestone, Hythe and Romney Marsh.  As cycling burgeons across the UK, Shepway dawdles.

British riders have swept the board in the Olympics and the Tour de France.  London has Boris bikes and cycle super-highways.  The national passion for the motor car is flat-lining.  In the past decade, men took 10% fewer trips by car.  Cycling is cool – and it’s green, healthy and economic.

Yet our local authority doesn’t get it.  Shepway is the back-marker, the district with the worst cycle infrastructure in Kent.  Too many of our elected representatives sit on their hands, content with the status quo, leaving imaginative initiatives and projects to visionaries like Roger de Haan and the wider voluntary sector.

That’s why Cycle Shepway is so important.  We meet quarterly at the Civic Centre, Folkestone.  The meetings are open to all.  Special guests, like highways and planning chiefs, attend for question-and-answer sessions.  Our committee meets more often to carry forward projects and determine policies.

Cycle Shepway is one of several groups embraced by Spokes, the long-established campaign charity that has done so much for cycling in East Kent.  As a properly constituted charity (see the constitution), Cycle Shepway can raise funds to finance projects and campaigns such as our petition for a coastal cycleway from Folkestone to Dungeness.




David Taylor, chairman Sara Barnes Shane Record
Rhona Hodges, secretary Mark Biddis Paul Rees
Alan Joyce, treasurer Steve Burton Mark Tuson
Joe Grey, deputy chairman Jeff Lyle Peter Wallace
Jean Baker, founder Si Ralph

CYCLE SHEPWAY Postal Address
Tel 01303 226234 23 Bradstone Avenue
Fax 01303 243972 Folkestone
Email campaign@cycleshepway.org.uk Kent CT19 5AQ