They’re not the most inspiring seaside snaps, but the photographs show the possible sites for a series of “Respect & Share The Path” signs from Folkestone to Hythe – the first stretch of the proposed Cinque Ports Cycleway from Folkestone Harbour to Dungeness and Lydd.

Sandgate is a busy pinch-point.  To slow down cyclists, it’s proposed to have a sign at either end reading: “Sandgate Welcomes Careful Cyclists”.  We may also use the occasional sign reading:  “Cyclists Slow Down And Give Way At All Times”.

Existing dual-use signs are also shown.  On the stretch of dual-use pavement along Sandgate Esplande, surface stencils may be the answer, given the lack of poles to affix signs.  At Hythe, the cycleway will leave the promenade as it narrows and join the road on West Parade, a little before the right turn into St Leonard’s Road, heading west.

Funding for the signs is already in place from Kent County Council.  The final sites will be agreed with Shepway District Council, Sandgate Parish Council (via the Beach Advisory Group) and other interested parties.  The signs will be erected by the Folkestone Town Sprucer and volunteers from Cycle Shepway.

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A petition


Backed by Damain Collins, MP for Folkestone and Hythe

We, the undersigned, want the creation of a safe and legal coastline cycleway and footpath from Folkestone to Dungeness and request the councils and agencies responsible to work urgently towards its achievement.

The Cinque Ports Cycleway

The Objective: A 20-mile seafront cycleway from Folkestone Harbour to Dungeness, a high grade recreational facility for visitors and residents alike that will boost health, tourism, transportation and the Shepway economy. The Problem: Most of this prime stretch of coastline is currently denied to cyclists by Shepway District Council, Kent County Council, the Environment Agency and the Ministry of Defence. Just a mile or two is legally designated as a cycle path. The Potential: Like the safe and scenic coastal cycleways of North Kent and Nord Pas de Calais, a dedicated cycleway from Folkestone to Dungeness, to be called The Cinque Ports Cycleway, would put Shepway back on the tourist map – a destination attraction for cyclists, be they long distance riders or a family with bikes on a day-trip from London. The Political Will: We have it. The Cinque Ports Cycleway is the ambition of Damian Collins, MP for Folkestone and Hythe. The campaign for its realisation is headed by Cycle Shepway, the pressure group for better cycling that must lobby, cajole and propel our authorities into coordinated action. Funding aside, it will be a difficult and protracted task as we pick our way through liabilities, precedent and myriad legalities. Agency will bicker with council and council with ministry and all of them with Cycle Shepway. But with vision and determination The Cinque Ports Cycleway  will move from dream to reality. As we launch the campaign, please add your signature, address and organization (if any) to this petition which will be presented to Shepway District Council, Kent County Council, the Environment Agency, the Ministry of Defence and other interested parties such as town and parish councils.


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As the campaign gathers momentum, Joe Grey, Cycle Shepway’s deputy chairman, has completed a draft study of the cycle route. It will be presented to KCC, SDC, the Ministry of Defence and the Environment Agency along with the petition.

Download the Draft Study





Cycle Shepway’s campaign to establish the Cinque Ports Cycleway from Folkestone to Dungeness has secured the backing of the Admiral Lord Boyce, Lord Warden and Admiral of the Cinque Ports.  See his gracious and enthusiastic letter to Treasurer Alan Joyce: